Below is a list of possible options.

Option Type Default Description
formEl HTMLFormElement Required. The Form element.
context HTMLElement document.body Context (HTMLElement) of where to append the ConversationalForm (see also cf-context attribute)
tags Array Pass in custom tags (when auto-instantiation of ConversationalForm is disabled)
theme string light Can be either: light, dark, red, green, blue, purple
dictionaryData Object Overwrite the default user Dictionary items
dictionaryRobot boolean true Can be set to false to allow for loading and packaging of Conversational Form styles within a larger project.
userImage base64, image url or a string beginning with "text:" (eg. "text:JD") (max 3 characters) Add a custom user image or short text string, without overwritting the user dictionary.
robotImage base64, image url or a string beginning with "text:" (eg. "text:JD") (max 3 characters) Add a custom robot image or short text string, without overwritting the robot dictionary.
submitCallback Object void Custom submit callback if button[type=submit] || form.submit() is not wanted.
loadExternalStyleSheet boolean true If set to false, the default Conversational Form stylesheet will not be loaded.
preventAutoAppend boolean false Prevent auto appending of Conversational Form, append it yourself.
preventAutoStart boolean false Start the form in your own time, {cf-instance}.start(), exclude cf-form from form tag
preventAutoFocus boolean false Prevents the initial auto focus set on the UserInput.
scrollAcceleration number 0.1 Optional horizontal scroll acceleration value, 0-1
flowStepCallback Object (dto: FlowDTO, success: () => void, error: () => void) => void Allow for a global validation method, asyncronous, so a value can be validated through a server, call success() or error()
eventDispatcher cf.EventDispatcher Optional event dispatcher, has to be an instance of cf.EventDispatcher, see Events for more info.
microphoneInput IUserInput Optional, set microphone input, future, add other custom inputs, ex. VR, see voice-section and examples.
hideUserInputOnNoneTextInput boolean false Optional, hide UserInputField when radio, checkbox, select input fields are active.
userInterfaceOptions cf.UserInterfaceOptions Optional, parameters for the User Interface of Conversational Form, set here to show thinking dots or not, set delay time in-between robot responses.
    controlElementsInAnimationDelay: 250,
    robot: {
        robotResponseTime: 0,
        chainedResponseTime: 400
        showThinking: true,
        showThumb: true
suppressLog Boolean true By default log messages form CF is suppressed. Set to true and get some additional info. Recommended for development.
showProgressBar Boolean false Shows thin progressbar in the top of the chat container.
animationsEnabled Boolean true Set to false to disable animations.